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Work In TelecastersEdit

Jack Burk is the Advertising Director for the MSU Telecasters. Jack is the head editor and technical director for The Giraffe House, the Advertising Director as well as an editor and crew member for The ShoW, and a crew member for SiDESHOW.

Jack got his start in Telecasters as an editor on The Giraffe House during Fall Semester 2010, and his roles were expanded to head editor, crew member, and occasionally a writer during Spring Semester 2011. Jack became technical director during Fall Semester 2011.

Jack began crewing for SiDESHOW during Fall Semester 2010.

Jack became an editor on set and Advertising Director for The ShoW during Fall Semester 2011.

Jack was elected by the Executive Board to be the MSU Telecaster Advertising Director during Spring Semester 2011.

MSU LifeEdit

Jack is a sophomore studying Media and Information as well as Advertising, hailing from Zeeland, MI. Jack lives in the cozy confines of Cambell Hall, which recently was invaded by crazed freshman men who apparently pee on their friends' doors at 3AM.

Jack is an avid baseball fan and is known for his overuse of calling people "girl", no matter their gender.

Jack currently works at DMAT as a Studio Assistant.


Jack is a part of WDBM-IMPACT 89FM MSU Student Radio as a DJ and part of the video crew. Jack has filmed interviews and concerts for many popular artists, among whom are Bassnectar, Mac Miller, and Frontier Ruckus, to name a few.

Jack met Tom Hanks once. Nobody believes him.

Contact InformationEdit